I am RHCE and Azure admin Certified, I have 10+ year experience in Linux, 4 years of experience in Azure, I have also 2 years of experience in Azure DevOps. Currently I am working as Azure DevOps and handling CI/CD Pipelines, Repository, automation for installation of application, agile practices. In Azure I am handling IaaS/PaaS(VMs/Azure MySQL, PostgreSQL/Service Bus/Log Analytics/Matrics/Automation Account/Azure Data Factory/ Function App/ Azure Security Centre and many more.

I am a person with high energy level, adaptable to new environments very easily with quicker learning skills and with zero time gaps between acquiring and implementation of knowledge. Willing to take up challenging responsibilities to accomplish time bound targets. Have strong interpersonal skills, which provide the ability to interact better with other associates and accomplish the objectives. Never say die spirit. Honest, hardworking & sincere with a positive attitude & always ready to face a challenge.

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